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  1. Introduction:In many ways this lesson continues on from the previous one which showed that Jesus chose apostles to train and carry on His work of making disciples. We look more in depth in this lesson at the spiritual nature of these apostles and the kind of training they received. The spiritual life and leadership called for, is different from non-spiritual training which uses the methods of business and politics to develop leaders. The apostolic leaders must prepare themselves for spiritual warfare in their service for Christ. The Holy Spirit is a key in this.
  2. Key Words: (Check your Bible Dictionary)
    1. Prodigal
    2. Harvest
    3. Holy Spirit baptism
  3. Core Texts:Matt. 9:36-38
    Mark 6:7-13
    Luke 15
    John 16:7-15
    Acts 6:1-8
  4. Personal Application:
    1. Do you have compassion for hurting, lost people? What could be done to strengthen or develop this caring? Notice Jesus’ example!
    2. Several of the parables talk about seeking those who are lost. What does that mean for you? How can we seek the lost?
    3. The Bible teaches us clearly that we need the Holy Spirit to guide us and empower us in life and witness to others. Do you see the Holy Spirit work in your life this way? What could we do to make this a reality in our lives?

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