The Good Word Podcast is a 13-minute weekly discussion in which faculty from the School of Theology at Walla Walla University explore biblical and theological topics that are Bible-based, Christ-centered, and faith-strengthening. The lessons expand on the quarterly topics presented in the regularly published online Adult Bible Study Guide.

The Good Word Podcast is an invitation to join a virtual classroom where under the guidance of biblical scholars you will grow in your understanding and appreciation of Scripture. The lessons, which foster critical thinking in the context of faith, raise questions and encourage deeper reflection on important issues.

The Good Word Podcast is a resource for teachers who lead out in their own weekly Bible study group, or individuals who just want to supplement their own personal study of the Bible. The podcasts will help you discover the significance of the weekly topic, what the Bible says about it, and what it means for us today. The free study guide, which accompanies the podcast, also contains a number of helpful discussion questions.

The Good Word Podcast is available in several formats. You can stream or download the current episode of the Good Word Podcast on the website and also access archived editions of Good Word dating back to 2004.