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  1. Introduction:The lesson series shifts gears in this segment. It moves from describing and talking about reaching specific groups with the Jesus message to talking about how to prepare disciple makers. Jesus knew His time on earth was limited and so He needed to train people to carry on His mission if He wanted the ministry to continue. This lesson talks about choosing and training leaders. Any movement that wants to continue to advance and grow must continually train effective leaders.
  2. Key Words: (Check your Bible Dictionary)
    1. Messiah
    2. Elijah
    3. Apostle
  3. Core Texts:Matt. 16:13-20
    Mark 1:16-20
    Luke 6:12,13
    John 16:7-14
  4. Personal Application:
    1. Before choosing the apostles, Jesus prayed all night. What does this teach us about the choice of leaders?
    2. Jesus promises to make the apostles fishers of men if they follow Him. Does this apply to us? Will He make us fisher of men? How?
    3. Have you had a leadership position in the church? Have you felt called? Have you seen the Holy Spirit leading? How? What kind of training did you need?
    4. What leadership characteristics do you expect to see in church?

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