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  1. Introduction:This final lesson on the topic of discipleship is a reality check. If a person is to follow a life of discipleship i.e. personally be a disciple and work to win others to such a life, they must face certain realities. Discipleship is costly. Selfish urges need to be curtailed and discipline practiced. Persecution from those who do not believe and even ones own family may come. Even martyrdom has taken place and continues. The good news is that the final reward of eternal life is sure.
  2. Key Words: (Check your Bible Dictionary)
    1. Faith
    2. Martyr
    3. Cross
  3. Core Texts:
    Mark 8:34-38
    Luke 12:49-53
    I Cor. 9:24-27
    Heb. 11:32- 12:4
  4. Personal Application:
    1. The apostle Paul talks about discipline and compares the discipleship life to training for a race. How should I practice this? How can I do this without making it a type of legalism or works righteousness?
    2. Have you ever faced any kind of persecution for your faith? What was it? Do you believe persecution makes ones faith stronger or weaker? Why?
    3. Has belief or discipleship ever caused strife in your family? Give examples. Should this kind of strife be avoided or expected?

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