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  1. Introduction:This lesson follows on the first two topics which emphasize, to begin with, the fact that the Bible’s authority is a basis for leading others to discipleship and secondly, that parable, metaphor and story are some of the best ways to communicate the Christian message to others. This lesson talks about prayer, particularly intercessory prayer, as a key to seeing change in our lives and in particular leading others to faith. We must move out of the mode of only praying for our own needs and in love move on to intercede for others and their salvation.
  2. Key Words:
    1. Prayer
    2. Intercession
    3. Meditation
  3. Core Texts:Daniel 9:2-19Daniel 6:10,11Mark 1:35-38John 17:6-26
  4. Personal Application:
    1. Should we intercede for the same things Daniel did? Why? Should we follow Daniel’s practice of 3 times a day prayer? Why?
    2. In John 17 who does Jesus pray for and what does He pray for? What can this teach us about Jesus prayer for us and how we should pray for others?
    3. Do you believe intercessory prayer really works? How? Why?
    4. How much time should Christians use for intercessory prayer? Do some have special gifts for it?

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