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  1. Introduction:In our continuing study of discipleship we discover this week that Jesus and the scriptures are often taught by using stories, parables and metaphors. The purpose was to disciple. He used this method to reach people because this teaching method was not only interesting but also effective. This strategy has the added advantage that Jesus could deal with controversial or hard to understand topics in ways that did not repel people. This method still works today.
  2. Key Words:
    1. Metaphor
    2. Parable
    3. Allegory
    4. Narrative
  3. Core Texts:Matthew 13:1-34
    II Samuel 12: 1-15
  4. Personal Application:
    1. What kind of stories or parables are most meaningful to you?
    2. Which way do you prefer to learn—straight forward logical facts or parables? Why?
    3. Are Jesus’ parables allegories or not? What are the reasons for your answer?
    4. Do any judgment parables apply to you? Why?
    5. Can we or should we use the parable /story method when we give Bible studies?

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