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  1. Introduction:In this lesson we move down one level from the “ordinary people” of last week and talk about Jesus and social outcasts. Jesus not only related well to ordinary people, he seemed to have a special place in his heart for people on the lowest rungs of society. Four types of people in the Bible who fit into this category are lepers, harlots, Samaritans and tax collectors. We will look at each of those groups this week.
  2. Key Words: (Check your Bible Dictionary)
    1. Adultery/harlot
    2. Tax collector
    3. Leper
    4. Samaritan
  3. Core Texts:Mark 1:40-45
    Mark 2:13-17
    John 4:5-32
    John 8:1-11
  4. Personal Application:
    1. Jesus loved and had compassion on lepers, tax collectors and sinners. Should I feel the same? What can I do to gain that kind of caring?
    2. Who are social outcasts today? Name some of them and how should we treat them?
    3. What would enable me to reach out to social outcasts successfully like Jesus did?
    4. What would our church be like if we reached out to outcasts?

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