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  1. Introduction:Another segment of the population on the upper levels of society is the powerful. They can be and need to be approached and discipled as well. This lesson discusses 3 kinds of powerful people – ones of religious authority or power, military power and political/governmental power. The Pharisees, scribes and rulers are religious power, the centurion showed military power and King Agrippa represents governmental power. God’s representatives spoke and acted redemptively to all these groups. We are called to as well.
  2. Key Words: (Check your Bible Dictionary)
    1. Pharisee
    2. Centurion
    3. King Agrippa
  3. Core Texts:Matt. 8:5-13
    Mark 2:23-28
    Acts 4:1-12
    Acts 26:1-29
  4. Personal Application:
    1. Are you a person with power? Even authority in a small sphere or even a family can be a place of power. How have you used that power?
    2. Have you been called before others with power to defend your belief or actions? What did that feel like?
    3. At some time most of us will be called to witness to powerful people. How should we do this? Does success or lack thereof reflect on us?

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