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  1. Introduction:The second specialized group our lesson deals with is the sick. One wonders if the title of this lesson should really be “healing the sick” rather than “discipling the sick”. The lesson mainly discusses Jesus’ ministry to the sick. This is an important issue for Jesus. Three out of 4 gospels, which tell the story of Jesus, make healing as important as His teachings. The only gospel which gives a slightly more important place to teaching over healing is Matthew. How should we be ministering to the sick is a key question this lesson raises.
  2. Key Words: (Check your Bible Dictionary)
    1. Heal
    2. Save
    3. Savior
  3. Core Texts:Matt. 1:21; 8:16,17; 15:30,31
    Mark 2:1-12
    Luke 6:17,18
  4. Personal Application:
    1. If you were to meet Jesus personally, what kind of healing would you ask Him for? Why?
    2. If you were asked to visit a sick person what would you say them about Jesus as a healer?
    3. In Jesus’ prayers for the sick in the gospels, the prayers are for evangelistic healing. Do we do that? Why or why not?
    4. Have you seen Jesus heal someone? How did it impress or change you?

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