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One of the challenges of talking about faith is that the word has so many different connotations.  As you reflect on the questions below, it may be valuable to list the many different ways in which the Bible uses the term faith.

1.  (Heb 11)   Hebrews 11:1 is often used as a definition for faith.  To many, however, the definition is more like a riddle!  Which is more helpful in defining faith – the “definition” in verse 1, or the heroes of faith which are mentioned later in the chapter?  Based on the examples which are given, what is the essence of living a life of faith?

2.  (1 Cor 12:7-11) According to this passage, faith is a spiritual gift, given by the Holy Spirit.  What are the implications of this?  Do we fault people who do not have the gift of tongues (a gift listed in this passage)?  If not, should we fault those who seem to lack faith?   Are some people given more faith than others?

3.  Should we simply accept the faith that is given to us, or should we strive to increase our faith?  How should we go about doing this?   What are the key activities that build faith?

4.  (Mat 13:58; Mark 2:1-5) Faith clearly had a role in Jesus” miracles of physical healing.  How did faith “limit” or “enable” Jesus in his healing ministry?  Who needed to have faith (Mark 2:5) and what sort of faith is being described?  (Once again, look at Mark 2:5!)  If faith is something which is seen, what does that suggest about the essence of faith?  Did anyone ever come to Jesus for healing, only to be turned away because Jesus informed them that they lacked faith?

5.  What is the basis of our faith?  Is it evidence?  If it is evidence, then isn”t our belief simply logical – and not really faith at all?

6.  What is the opposite of faith?

7.  (Eph 6:10-18) In this well-known passage, faith is likened to a shield.  What might this symbolism suggest?  In what ways does faith “shield” us?

8.  We are often encouraged to “have faith in Jesus.”  If we had to choose a synonym for faith in this phrase, what word would we choose?

9.  What are the greatest challenges to faith that we must deal with on a daily basis?

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