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Leading Question: What will heaven be like for God? Will he finally be able to relax? Will his work for us be done?

Scripture Focus: Luke 11:23; 1 Timothy 2:4; 1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 1:1-7, 14:6-12, 21:1-4

The Big Idea: God’s mission to bring restoration will one day be complete. This is good, good news.

Discussion Questions:

  1. This lesson is entitled, “The End of God’s Mission.”
    1. Does God’s mission end when the second coming?
    2. When will our mission end?
  2. According to 1 Timothy 2:4, God wants all to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.
    1. How successful will God be in his mission?
    2. In the end, will we be surprised at how many are saved, or how few are saved?
  3. Both 1 Peter 2:9 and Revelation 1:6 refer to the saved as priests.
    1. Why do you think this metaphor is used? In other words, what is it about “priests” that corresponds so well with the followers of Jesus?
    2. In the Old Testament, only men were priests. According to the New Testament all who are in Christ are priests. What are the implications of this?
  4. Revelation 14 contains the Three Angel’s Messages, a section of scripture that is especially significant for Seventh-day Adventists.
    1. The message is summarized as the “everlasting gospel.” What is the gospel presented by these three messages?
    2. Adventists have understood this message to be a summary of the basic message they are to present to the world. Do you feel that the church has done a good job of this?
    3. What part of this “everlasting gospel” message do you find especially meaningful?
  5. In Revelation 21:1-4, we get a picture of the renewal of all things. This restoration is what God has been working for all along. Our mission is to invite people to so align themselves with God that they too can experience this final restoration.
    1. The description of God’s renewal is phrased primarily in negative terms—in other words, by telling us what won’t be there (no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain). What are some of the top things you are glad will not be in heaven?
    2. There is also a positive description. In other words, the passage also notes what will be there—God. He will be with his people! What are some of the other things you are most looking forward to in heaven?
    3. This passage says God will wipe every tear from our eyes. Place yourself into that scene. What will this be like for you? What will you be thinking when God does this for you?
  6. Let us end this quarter by praising a good God who loves us and is always working for our restoration. Let us also commit to join God in his work of blessing and restoring all the families of the earth so that one day, we will all be able to join in a great chorus of worship before his throne.

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