Lord of Our Worship

September 3, 2005

Read: Ps. 95:6-7; Matt. 20:25-28; Mark 2:27-28

Lord of Our Worship. Is worship a way or life or is it something special?

  1. Worship and the worshiper: Psalm 95:6-7. Where should the focus be in our worship, on the Creator or on the Creator’s work? How can one keep the human role in proper perspective?
  2. Jesus as worshiper: Matthew 20:25-28. When Jesus was on earth, he never once demanded to be worshiped, even though he made remarkable claims that pointed to his divine status. If, when God becomes man, he does not demand worship, to what extent should we speak on God’s behalf and demand that others worship him?
  3. The impulse to worship humans: Acts 10:27; 14:8-18. How is it possible to give glory to God instead of to the human instrument? To what extent is it worthwhile to seek to be a good example, in spite of the dangers of earning “credit” in the eyes of human beings?
  4. God’s power vs. God’s goodness. Is the desire to worship inspired by God’s power or by his goodness?
  5. Somber or Joyful? What is the proper mood for worshiping God?
  6. Sabbath as a day of worship: Mark 2:27-28. How would one build a biblical model for worship on the Sabbath day? Is worship the primary purpose of the Sabbath or is service?

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