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Relevant Biblical Passages: Hebrews 1

Jesus Our King. The author of Hebrews lived at a time when royalty was still revered and highly honored. For him Jesus was the king of all kings, a point that comes out in Hebrews 1.

Discussion questions:

    1. How would we compare OT ideas of kingship with those presented in Hebrews? How would his audience appreciate the kingship model? How does the idea of Jesus as king appeal to a modern audience?
    2. How can believers safely explore the question of Jesus’ superiority without seeming to make of none effect the previous revelations alluded to in Hebrews 1:1?
    3. The picture of royal dominance which comes through so strongly in Hebrews 1, seems to contrast with the picture of the gentle Jesus of the Gospels who taught and lived out the ideal of the equality of all humanity. How do we “safely” bring those two ideas together?
    4. The imagery of putting enemies under one’s foot (1:13), drawn from Psalm 110:1, is much more violent than the kind of relationship with one’s enemies taught by Jesus in the Gospel narratives. How should Christian relate to the these different attitudes towards one’s enemies?
    5. When Hebrews argues that Jesus was “better” than the angels, how would that play to a first century audience? To a Jewish audience? To a modern audience?

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