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Relevant Biblical Passages: Heb 7:7-26; 11:1-26

Jesus – Higher and Better. The passages selected for our discussion today present a Jesus which is higher and better than anything we can imagine. That is a different kind of Jesus which is presented in the Gospels. The tension between those two images is worth pursuing.

Discussion Questions:

    1. In Hebrews 7, Jesus’ ministry is linked with that of Melchizedek, not with that of Levi. And the Melchizedek ministry is described as being superior to Levi’s ministry. What would an Old Testament person think about such a contrast?
    2. To what extent is it appropriate for a believer (or in this instance an “inspired” writer) to be critical of God’s work in past ages? The author of Hebrews is rather “critical” of a ministry which God gave in Old Testament times, the Levitical ministry. Is such a “critical” attitude appropriate for the believer today if some aspect of Scripture is not particularly helpful?
    3. How do we explain the contrast between the lowly, serving Jesus of the Gospels and the exalted, ruling Jesus of Hebrews? What are the benefits or disadvantages of both portrayals?
    4. Sometimes believers have contrasted the sacrificial Jesus with the exemplar Jesus. Which side is emphasized most in Hebrews?
    5. The official study guide lists Hebrews 11:1-16 as part of this lesson. What do the figures of faith have to do with Jesus’ superiority?

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