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Background Considerations

Sometimes the Lord calls people to a ministry half way around the world, but usually the best place to begin sharing our faith is close to home. Begin with your family, friends, neighbors, workmates or classmates; the people you rub shoulders with on a regular basis. A simple plan to use might include the following:

  1. Make a list of the people you see daily.
  2. Select a few that you feel you could influence for Christ.
  3. Begin praying regularly for these people.
  4. Think carefully about common interests which could provide a point of contact.
  5. Plan activities and occasions which would give you more time together.
  6. Build a friendly, trusting relationship.
  7. In a natural way, share your testimony about Christ’s leading in your life as the opportunity arises.

A natural outline for having a spiritual visit with someone is FORT:

F – Talk about their family
O – Talk about their occupation
R – Casually inquire about their religious background and perhaps share your own
T – Give a brief personal testimony of how you became a Christian or perhaps about God’s recent leading in your life

Key Passages and Questions

  1. Personal Evangelism — Acts 8:26-38
    • What principles of personal evangelism are illustrated by the encounter between Philip and the Ethiopian?
    • Is Bible Study always a necessary component of personal evangelism?
    • Should we expect a decision at the conclusion of every Bible study?
  2. Health Evangelism — Acts 9:32-35
    • Why did Jesus make healing such a significant part of His ministry on earth?
    • How do we determine the “felt needs” of the people we would like to influence for Christ?
    • What methods should we be using today to bring healing into people’s lives?
  3. Public Evangelism — Acts 19:8
    • Define public evangelism. In addition to preaching what other activities are needed in order to do effective public evangelism?
    • In what ways can and should lay members of the Church get involved in public evangelism?
  4. Tools for Evangelism — Eph 4:11-13
    • Does every spiritual gift have an outreach or evangelism component?
    • Should the individual Christian focus on one method of outreach or perhaps a combination of several?
    • What are the essentials necessary for all types of evangelism?

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