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Key passages:

Psalm 1
Psalm 119

The temptation of Jesus by Satan shows that the devil can use Scripture to his own ends. One can always find a Bible text that appears to support almost every false doctrine or belief, including pantheism, reincarnation, baptism for the dead, the abolition of the law of God, etc. Yet Jesus used Scripture, too, in his battle against Satan.

Key questions:

  1. Is the Bible then like a rubber nose that can be twisted in every direction?
  2. Does it boil down to who has the most texts memorized or who has the last word?
  3. Can the Bible actually be an agent of truth and spiritual life?
  4. How ought the Bible to function in the life of the believer?
  5. Or, to turn the matter around, how ought the believer to live in the world of Scripture?

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