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Opening Question

What prophecy of the Bible do you most look forward to seeing fulfilled and why?


This week, we wrap up our study of the three angels’ messages. We will consider the goal that awaits God’s redeemed, those who are faithful and keep the commandments of God and faith of Jesus.

Revelation 21-22

Read Revelation 21-22. Consider what awaits you as you struggle through this life. Then answer the following questions as we conclude our overall study of Revelation 14:6-13.

In light of the challenges God’s people go through on earth, would you say that Revelation 21-22 make up for it? Is the glory to come worth our suffering today?

How does Job’s story exemplify Revelation’s struggle between good and evil, and especially Job’s conclusion compared to Revelation 21-22?

The Holy City, the New Jerusalem, is contrasted in Revelation with Babylon the Great. Which city is worth lasting forever? What makes the New Jerusalem better?

Do you believe the New Jerusalem is a literal city, or could it be a symbol as well? And if it is a symbol, what could it represent?

Closing Comments

This quarter’s study of the three angels’ messages is a timely one. Christians in today’s world have much to learn, and preparations to make. May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you as you continue your own journey of faith and discovery from His Word.

As always, the conversations that accompany this study guide could not have been possible without help from radio station KGTS, their sound engineer Samuel Hoffman, and my conversation partners Dr. Janice McKenzie and Dr. Doug Thomsen. My thanks to them in making this a delightful quarter!

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