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Opening Question
How has knowing the Bible been a blessing in your life?

This lesson really picks up on the last part of last week’s study guide. There is no doubt about the Bible’s importance. If anything, it’s talked about in Christian circles too much, and studied too little. How can we live with the Bible as a guide for daily life?

Ways to Keep the Bible Front and Central
This week, the lesson simply explores ways to keep the Bible fresh and relevant. Here are some of the ways it has worked for me:

  • Read new/different Bible versions. Get a copy of the “The Message” or “The New Living Bible.”
  • Next time you read or hear something you disagree with Biblically, go study the topic in the Bible.
  • Use online resources such as, or Specific study tools like Accordance or Logos are extremely valuable for deeper research.
  • When traveling, listen to the Bible on podcast. Some of the dramatized versions are very well done.
  • Memorize passages or entire books of the Bible. You will never know it better than when it is embedded in your mind.
  • Use the Psalms as part of your prayer time.
  • Read books on Bible themes or topics of interest to you. Maybe you are drawn to issues in origins of earth, or the history of Mesopotamia, or the topic of Spiritual Gifts., the Adventist Book Center, or contain a wealth of resources for continued study.

What do you do when studying the Bible becomes stale, when you can say “I’ve heard all of this before”?

Closing Comments
I hope this quarter’s study has been valuable to you, and a blessing. Much more could be said on the topic of hermeneutics, and one place to start would be to get a good book on Bible Interpretation, such as Lee Gugliotto’s Handbook for Bible Study or for the more advanced Bible student, Klein’s Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (which is far too large to be just an introduction!). May God bless your continued study of His Word!

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