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The lessons this quarter are going to look at the various rhythms or stages of life that human beings pass through along life’s way, something we are all familiar with. The particular context within which the rhythms of life are going to be studied will be within the family. The word “family” today has multiple definitions. At least, multiple definitions are argued for some being as broad as “any people who love each another and live in the same place are family.” On account of these being Bible-based lessons, the definition of family is quite traditional, a father (husband), a mother (wife) and whatever children might be born to their union. Of course, there is also extended family involving other close relatives, like grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins and so forth. A major point to be made is that family is ideally the primary context in which we experience life. This is a big enough deal that some say the loss of family tends toward the loss of a sense of being. Family is the best agency for human flourishing, assuming that the family is in good order. Along the way, biblical principles will be brought forward to inform and guide the discussion in hopes of making families stronger and better able to thrive.

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