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Lessons 2 and 3 grapple with the relationship between nature and the Bible. In the course of this part of the discussion about creation, we will need to ask important questions about the role of science and Bible study. Being part of the modern world, we cannot write off what science says (we benefit from it everyday) and we can certainly not write off what the Bible says. How do we relate the two in a redemptive fashion?

Relevant Biblical Passages:

Inspiration of the Bible — 2 Tim 3:10-17; 2 Pet 1:16-21
Inspiring voice of nature — Ps 19:1-6
Sufficiency of nature’s witness — Rom 1:18-23

How Do Scripture and Nature Relate to Each Other?

What is the nature of the Bible? What does it mean that it is inspired? What does inspiration assume regarding the Bible?

What purpose did the Bible serve in ancient times? Compare and contrast how this matches the uses we make of the Bible today. What purposes does it serve today?

What is the nature of nature? How might it reflect theology?

How do we get at the essence and meaning of nature? What role does science play? What role observation? Is science intrinsically good or bad? How can we define science? What does science seek to accomplish? How does science best study nature and come to results?

How should we respond when the results of science and the Bible match well? What about when they don’t seem to match well? What options do we have and how should we go about the task of sorting out the differences and their significance?

What Difference Does it Make?

How might it matter to faith and to our understanding of the world around us depending on the approach I take to the issues surrounding science and the Bible? How wide a range of diverse perspectives is allowed here? For Christian faith, what elements in the discussion/debate would be absolutely necessary components? What might be negotiable?

Pick two or three Bible passages on creation and explore them devotionally.

Pick two or three natural phenomena and explore them devotionally.

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